Dry Needling (DN)

Myofascial trigger point DN is used for therapy of muscle pain, to treat dysfunctions in skeletal muscle, fascia, and connective tissue, and reduce/restore impairments of body structure and function.


Our staff hosts various Physiotherapy and Physical Therapy clinics, is available for speaking engagements in your health or wellness facility, and encourages current PT and OT to apply for interships.


Personalized nutritious, delicious meals for your individual metabolism and body. Each meal consists of one meat, carbohydrate, and vegetable. Prepared entirely custom to consumer’s tastes and goals.

Physical Therapy

Our Physical Therapists are specifically selected for their exceptional training and expertise. Whether it’s pain-management, an orthopedic issue, pre or post operative rehab, we have an expert ready.

Post-Operative Rehabilitation

From surgeon referral, we provide post-surgical, customized therapy programs to reestablish the maximum possible amount of joint motion, muscle strength around the joint, and finally joint function.

Sports Performance

Therapists conduct sport-specific evaluations of the athlete’s physicality and prepare a personalized performance plan to balance internal systems, reduce fatigue, improve agility, and prevent injury.

Veteran Services

Includes prothesis therapy: monitoring the incision, wound care, minimizing contractures, prothesis prep, prothesis fit/function, therapy for the residual limb w/o prothesis. General maintenance.

Weight Management

Personalized therapy programs, to address any ongoing health-issues, combined with a tailored nutritional plan, and customized activities or personal training prepare clients to live their best lives.

Wellness Therapy

Therapist evaluates/treats the underlying causes of symptoms effecting the patient’s health. They may address physical and/or mental issues and prescribe lifestyle changes for better quality of life.